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General Conditions

Rozenverkoop via Het Roozenhuys via webshop

Sale of roses through the Roozenhuys

We guarantee first-rate quality and health of all roses coming from our gardens. However we cannot guarantee regrowth and rebloom.


In spite of the continuous care and attention the Roozenhuys dedicates to the composition of this website, the possibility exists that some information on this site is incomplete or incorrect.

Information is added continuously to this website and modifications may at all times be carried out immediately and without previous notification.

The visitor is not allowed to publicize or multiply any documents under copyright or other information stored on this website (neither through a proprietary network) without preceding written authorisation by the Roozenhuys.

The Roozenhuys does not warrant that information on this website is suitable for the purpose for which you may consult this site. All information is offered “as is”, without any (implicit) guarantee or assurance with regard to its suitability or fitness for a particular purpose or in any other way.

The Roozenhuys excludes all liability for any direct or indirect damage, regardless of the nature of this damage, resulting from, or associated in any manner, with the use of our website, the information obtained by using this website or with any temporary unavailability of our website.

For any questions and/or observations regarding this disclaimer, please contact the Roozenhuys. 



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